$65 Wireless Study Shops at Walmart with Kantar/TNS

TNS is near the end of the Walmart Wireless Phone Study and we have a handful of shops to schedule. We currently have the shops listed at $65. However, make us an offer for any of the currently open locations! Request at [tns.clientsmart.com]

VENTURA, California, 93003
OXNARD, California, 93033
BAD AXE, Michigan, 48413
SAINT PETERS, Missouri, 63304
WASHINGTON, Missouri, 63090
WARRENTON, Missouri, 63383
FARMINGTON, Missouri, 63640
DESLOGE, Missouri, 63601
DUBLIN, Virginia, 24084
CHRISTIANSBURG, Virginia, 24073

You will visit the store and interact with a Wireless Associate at the store. The survey is multi-choice questions.
Login to see the locations that are currently available as the locations are changing as we schedule shops and also have shoppers who fail to complete assignments and need to re-post shops.

Only purchase is a small item at the store when you arrive and again when you leave the store. No minimum purchase so you can find something that is $.50 near the register.

If you see a location you're willing to shop but it's outside your normal shopping area, let us know and request a travel bonus. If it's a hard to fill location, we'll consider all travel bonus offers. WE WILL ENTERTAIN ALL SHOP FEE OFFERS!

Also, if you're available for a location but outside the posted date range, request the shop and the date(s) you're available.

Feel free to pass along to friends and family who may be interested in shopping for us. We'll be adding lots of new assignments over the next few months.

To request a shop, go to [tns.clientsmart.com] and request the assignment online.

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