Restaurant Mystery Shopping: NYC, DC, Philadelphia, South Florida, $20 fee

i-SPY hospitality provides mystery shopping services for restaurants in NYC, D.C., Philly, Miami/South Florida + Atlantic City. Our clients have high expectations of our reports, and thus we do of our mystery diners.

Please fill out an application to be considered: []

ADD this EMAIL (krav at comcast dot net) TO YOUR CONTACTS FOLDER due to Phishing (yes, we need to "spell out" the email address) or our EMAILS will go to your SPAM folder.

Compensation includes reimbursement for a meal for two (assignments range from ∾ $40 - $250+) and a $20 fee.

The following are essentials for our successful mystery shoppers to meet our high standards:

1. Superior retention and writing skills.
2. Ability to pay strict attention to detail.
3. Follows instructions.
4. Reliable to follow through on committed assignments within 24 hours.
5. NO diet restrictions (food or alcohol).
6. Commit to at least ONE meal per month.
7. Constructive Feedback (does not take it personally).

Following the assignment, the report our diners are required to write takes ∾ 1.5 - 2.5 hours, due 7 pm following dinners and 12 pm following lunch/brunch. Shoppers are paid within 7 days of the completed report.

After we receive your application, you will receive an Independent Contractor's Agreement (ICA) to complete.

After we receive your signed ICA you may be invited to perform a tryout assignment; followed by submitting a report, due within 24 hours. All COMPLETED assignments are fully reimbursed.

i-SPY hospitality audit services

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