TX Cinemas - Video Mystery Shops

Hello Shoppers!!

All-Star Mystery Shopping Company has a family entertainment center mystery shops available. These shops are video recorded, but not the entire shop. You only need to take 5-7 short video clips (around 2 minutes long) while you are at the location. These videos would be taken when you are ordering your food, playing games, walking around the concession areas, and general areas of the location. You would not take a video recording of the movie you are watching. You can use your own video equipment OR your smart phone and ONLY if you are able to take all of the videos without being obvious that you are taking videos.

The shop is being conducted through All-Star. To be assigned a shop, you would need to be signed up with them; the website is [allstar.shopmetrics.com]. Once you are signed up you will receive your username and password to use for the website. If you are already signed up with GigSpot, you would just need to accept All-Star’s Independent Contractor Agreement on GigSpot under the tab that says Companies, then I can assign the shop to you.

The details are listed below.
Thank you and I hope to hear from you quickly!!

Rebecca Reiter
Scheduling Manager
Scheduling on Behalf of All-Star

Copperas Cove, TX 76522
Midland, TX 79706
Odessa, TX 79765

• These shops must please be completed during HIGHER traffic times, after 5pm, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
• You must have an eye for details and be able to “grade” the location properly. The client wants you to look for issues, no matter how small or large. Keep in mind having a 100% for the shop is impossible, since it will be a high traffic time.
• You will watch a movie, play games and order food.
• You will need to make two food purchases, that include one drink, from two DIFFERENT employees. Both food purchases must be items that are prepared in the kitchen, such as Pizza, Nachos, Sandwiches, Wings etc. Popcorn, candy, cookies are NOT considered prepared in the kitchen. For example, you can order food and a drink and walk around. Then before you go into the movie, order a PREPARED food item from a DIFFERENT person and receive it IN THE THEATER.
• You should use a credit/debit card for all purchases. That will ensure you receipt a receipt, asking for a receipt can blow your cover. You will need a receipt for ALL purchases. You can use cash, ONLY IF, you can obtain your receipts correctly.
• You are paid $20 and reimbursed up to a total of $100 for all of your purchases.

Rebecca Reiter
Scheduling Manager

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