Lunch Shop at a Local Hotel

Hello Shoppers!

All-Star Mystery Shopping Company has 2-person lunch shops available. These shops take place inside of a local hotel. You are not required to stay at the hotel. You will only be going there for lunch. These shops reimburse up to $80 for your required purchases.

The shop is being conducted through All-Star. To be assigned a shop, you would need to be signed up with them; the website is []. Once you are signed up you will receive your username and password to use on their website. If you are already signed up with GigSpot, you would just need to accept All-Star’s Independent Contractor Agreement on GigSpot under the tab that says Companies, then I can assign the shop to you.

The details are listed below.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you quickly!!

Rebecca Reiter
Scheduling Manager
Scheduling on Behalf of All-Star


Alcoa, TN 37701
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

- Up to $80 reimbursement
- Visit the bar if it is open and order a drink, if it is closed ask for one drink while at your table and see if they are able to get it from the bar. It does not have to be an alcoholic beverage (Virgin Bloody Mary, Non-alcoholic beer, virgin daiquiri, etc.)
- At your table you will order one appetizer, two meals, and one dessert.
- You must take photos of all items purchased.
- Visit the bathroom
- You must obtain two Itemized receipts and uploaded them to the survey (one receipt from the bar if open, and one from the meal at the table)
- Take photos of anything that is dirty or viewed in a negative way (the menu was dirty or your burger was overcooked).
- Fill out survey questions and upload pictures within 24 hours of visiting the location.

Rebecca Reiter
Scheduling Manager

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