$20 Fitness Center Audits - NO PURCHASE - CA, NC, SC

Hi Shoppers!

Have a mobile device that can capture video? Sure you do! Put it to work for you today and earn a quick $20!

The assignment is an overt audit – assigned evaluators will visit the assigned location and capture a dozen or so prescribed images along with a 6-8 minute ‘walkthrough’ video of the entire property inside & out. You will not need to memorize what should/shouldn’t be there and it will not be your job to identify anything out of place. It is simply to go in, inform the staff of why you are there, and capture the required images and video – of course, photos need to be clear and video needs to be steady. Most importantly is that you capture ALL AREAS including every corner, bathroom, closet, employee area, office, storage container, and open every door.

This will require you to have a smartphone and will be instructed to upload/send the video file via 'DropBox' due to the size. A unique DropBox link will be shared with you upon being assigned to this audit. There has been communication that has gone out to all franchisees and the evaluators are provided with a one-page document to print out and bring along as proof of their visit.

Available Shops:
* CA: Oakland, San Jose->

* NC: Greensboro, Raleigh->

* SC: Greenville->

Brian Mula-Howard
Senior Director | Confidential Consumer
380 U.S. Route 1, Falmouth, ME 04105

Brian Mula-Howard
Senior Director | Confidential Consumer
380 US Route 1, Falmouth ME 04105
Office: 207-619-7708 | Mobile: 561-350-3420

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