SAN JOSE, CA Price Collection Project! $200 Pay!

With Premier Service, we have an opportunity to participate in a very exciting project in SAN JOSE, CA by February 20th!

We are looking for very reliable shoppers to conduct a pricing project of goods and services which reflect the shopping habits of international business people in your region.

Visits can be completed anytime the locations are open.
You have complete flexibility and can pick your hours!

You will be expected to:
• Visit approximately 10 locations on the list provided.
• Covertly gather pricing for the 155 items we will provide.
• Record pricing and information on an Excel spreadsheet.
• Have a good working ethic and be able to use Excel.
• Read all instructions and material provided.
• Submit daily updates on your progress.
• Have great availability as this project will take several days to complete.
• Be available for a short 20-minute briefing.


Visit our website at Click on the BECOME A SHOPPER button. There is no cost to sign up. After you register at our website, you will be able to apply for this project. If you have any questions, please email me at

Premier Service was ranked on the coveted PROFIT100 and PROFIT500 as one of Canada's Fastest Growing companies. Premier Service is accredited by the Mystery Shopping Providers Association and is a member of the Retail Council of Canada.

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