Restaurant Dinner Mystery Shop in Dayton Ohio

Hi Shoppers,

We have a Dinner Mystery Shop.


- During the shop, you will remain anonymous and dine in as a typical guest.
- You may bring a guest.
- Two different main entrees (1 per person), and 2 beverages (1 per person) of your choice however if you visit alone, the amount would be $15 for one meal and one drink.
- When you pay, please do NOT use any coupons or discounts.
- Please use a credit/debit card for this shop (no cash)
- Make sure to get an ITEMIZED RECEIPT showing all food and drink items purchased. It is your responsibility to get an itemized receipt. You may have to ask for one.
- Take one photo of both receipts (credit card slip and itemized receipt) side by side and upload as one image

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

Shopper Payment: $5
Shopper Reimburement: $30


Please copy/paste in your browser and then apply for the location you want.


3598 Salem Ave Dayton OH 45406


Lisa | Scheduler
Confero Inc. | Customer Experience Research, Rewards, Results
535 Keisler Drive #204 | Cary, North Carolina 27518 follow us on facebook: []
twitter: @conferoshoppers

Please check out our new Shop Confirmation module:

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