ID Check Shops - Popular BBQ Restaurant - Houston, TX Locations (77002, 77078, 77040, 77022, 77042)

Looking for a quick shop? This is the quickest and easiest they come and it is a popular upbeat BBQ restaurant. This is a counter service restaurant. Go through the line, grab a beer, pay for it and see if you get carded!

All you need to do is grab a bottled beer and pay for it at the end of the counter. Let us know if you are carded by the Employee. Either you or a guest will need to BETWEEN THE AGES of 21-28. You only need to stay at the restaurant for a minimum of 15 minutes but can stay longer if you wish.


Houston, TX 77078
Houston, TX 77002
Houston, TX 77040
Houston, TX 77022
Houston, TX 77042

Dates: 2/20- 2/24
5 PM - 7 PM
Shopper Pay: $15
Reimbursement: up to $20

Interested? Register/Apply at [].

Please email me and I will be happy to assign the shop to you after you register. Contact me with any questions!

Tammy Young
Mercantile Systems, Inc.
888-222-8301 Ext. 13

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