Earn $25 per shop, plus up to $30 reimbursement. Bar Shops in CO, WA, AK, & WV

Happy Thursday!

Mystery Shopper Services, BMA, and Customer 1st
[www.mysteryshopperservices.com] | 888-300-8292
Register/Review/Request at the following platform: [isecretshop.com]

Seattle WA 98109
Seattle WA 98109
Seattle WA 98109
Grand Junction CO 81506
Morgantown WV 26501
Anchorage AK 99503
Grand Junction CO 81506
Seattle WA 98101
Morgantown WV 26501
Anchorage AK 99503

You must be 21 yrs old to complete the shop.

Onsite integrity shop with a purchase required. You will be evaluating the bar area of the restaurant and the bartender service.

The overall objective is to shop the Main Bar located within the client's hotel to audit the general guest experience as well as compliance regarding policies and procedures and potential integrity concerns. Potential integrity concerns such as free drinks being given away, over pouring, working out of a tip jar, open registers, etc.

Note: IF you log into the site and the shop{s} are no longer there, it’s because the shop has been filled. Please keep checking the board a few times a day because if a person backs out, it pops right back as available on the board.

This is just one type of shop we offer. Other shops in this state are posted on the ISS site.

Thank you

Nina Leyva
Operations Manager
Mystery Shopper Services
Direct Phone: 1-805-472-4390
Email: ninag@mysteryshopperservices.com
Website: [mysteryshopperservices.com]
Monday through Thursday / 7:00am – 4:00pm (PST)
Fridays / 6:00am – 3:00pm (PST)

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