Looking for Veterans - Pay is ranging from $25 to $150

We are currently looking for Veterans to conduct mystery shops at different VA facilities across the country.

We will have various types of shops, including phone and onsite visits. Pay is ranging from $25 to $150. These could be lucrative. Even if you don't want to mystery shop but want a one-time extra cash kind of project, this would be great!

Please see some of the requirements below:

• You must be a Veteran.
• You must currently be receiving care from the VA.
• Your identity will be protected.

If you are a Veteran, please email me the following (diana.paone@ipsos.com):
1. Are you a Veteran?
2. Are you close to any of the locations below?
3. Are you enrolled in VA medical benefits or currently receiving VA medical benefits?
4. If you are not already, will you sign up with us (GfK) go to www.gfkmysteryshops.com and click on Shopper New Sign up AND download the Presto Insta Shops app from your play store. The app icon is a sea otter. The shops will be assigned, completed and paid via this app.
5. Please email me back. diana.paone@ipsos.com

REFERRAL??? If you are not a Veteran, but know of a person that might be, please refer. This project doesn't mean they have to mystery shop and get all the mystery shop offers. I could just have them contacted for ONLY this project and not bothered by other mystery shops if that is their wish.

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