$5 pay $20 reimbursement grocery shop in Bangor, MI 49013 (21-35 age requirement)

Shoppers' View will reimburse you up to $15 and pay you $20 to go grocery shopping. Your grocery purchase must include an alcoholic beverage and a cart bottom item.

You must be 21-35 years of age. If you are assigned this shop, your guidelines will give further instructions.

Shoppers applying for this shop may also be assigned a supplement shop for $5 extra pay (if available). These may be done during the same visit.

Shoppers are paid via PayPal. Shops submitted between the 1st and 15th 11:59pm EST will be paid around the last day of the month. Shops submitted between the 16th and 31st 11:59pm EST will be paid around the 15th of the following month.

Register and apply at www.shoppersview.com.

Happy Shopping!

Shopper's View

Administrative Manager for Shoppers' View
p: 616-608-1594 | e: christinew@shoppersview.com | w: www.shoppersview.com

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