We are looking forward to work with shoppers who can set aside 20 minutes to observe bus drivers

If this is you, you need to pretend that you have little knowledge of English and has to perform the interaction with an accent. The goal of this observation is to evaluate the friendliness and helpfulness of the drivers when a passenger is confused and needed directions.

You need to be at the designated shuttle bus area for 20 minutes, any time between 1AM and 5AM. SFO Shuttle busses pass through the terminal every 25-30 minutes, with a bus passing every two minutes. Interact with a minimum of 5 bus drivers.

You also need to make detailed notes regarding:
• How many shuttle busses stopped at the terminal during your observation
• If there were any shuttle busses that pass through and did not stop
• The number of each shuttle bus you interact with
• If each driver’s nameplate was displayed above the windshield
• What type of accent, language deficiency, and/or behavior you used to interact with the driver (please note, this information MUST be included in the comments on your visit report form
• Each driver’s demeanor and reaction to your question
• If each driver was friendly and helpful
• Physical description of each shuttle bus drivers you interact with
• What was observed during the observation period

Include details of what was observed during the observation period; interactions between employees, passenger, drivers, etc. Include this information in the comment sections of the report.

You will be paid $30 for a successful visit, and we will reimburse up to $20 for your parking.

If you’re available to complete this visit this June, please call us at 800-462-8765 so we can discuss this in detail. Not a member? Don’t miss out on this offer! Create a profile with us for free at shops.dsgai.com, and so we can prioritize you when other shops are available in your area.

Get a referral bonus, too, when your friend completes a valid visit with us. If you have other questions/concerns, feel free to send an email at shoppersupport@dsgai.com.

Happy Shopping!

KENNY KEITH MAGNO | kennym@dsgai.com
800-462-8765 x 114

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