$15.00 + $3 BONUS - Gas Station Visit in Gretna FL

$15.00 + $3 BONUS - Gas Station Visit
Locations Available:
Gretna FL 32332

• Shopper MUST pay INSIDE STORE with CASH for the gas purchase.
• Shopper will be reimbursed up to $5.00 for the gas purchase.
• Shopper MUST check the lot and gas island area for cleanliness and adequate supplies.
• Visit inside the store MUST be a minimum of 10 minutes to assess the store and restroom.
• A copy of the purchase receipt is required for shopper payment and reimbursement up to $5.00 for the gas purchase.
If interested, please go to [seelevelshoppers.com] to log in and request the shop. If you don't see a date on the calendar when you can complete the shop, please email me.
Deanna Kessler

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