The objective of this shop is to evaluate your experience as a consumer who visits a convenience store. You will be evaluating customer service and location appearance to provide both positive and instructional information to each location and its crew through your mystery shop report.

You will be required to make a small purchase inside the store. You will be provided a reimbursement amount on your shop details page for your assignment.

CLARENCE MO 63437 $18.00 $5.00
ELSBERRY MO 63343 $20.00 $5.00
GALLATIN MO 64640 $20.00 $5.00
MEMPHIS MO 63555 $18.00 $5.00
MILAN MO 63556 $18.00 $5.00
MONROE CITY MO 63456 $18.00 $5.00
NEW LONDON MO 63459 $18.00 $5.00
PRINCETON MO 64673 $18.00 $5.00
SHELBINA MO 63468 $18.00 $5.00
SHELBYVILLE MO 63469 $18.00 $5.00
TRENTON MO 64683 $18.00 $5.00
TRENTON MO 64683 $18.00 $5.00

Pay is negotiable.

In order to schedule you for this shop, you will need to register in our system.

It is absolutely, 100% free to register with us, and our shoppers have access to many other assignment opportunities.

You can do this by visiting www.sinclaircustomermetrics.com.

At the top of the page, just under the login boxes, there is a link that says "New Mystery Shopper Sign-Up." Click the link and follow the directions to sign up. There is a quiz called the "New Shopper Challenge" that tests how well you follow instructions. If you fail this once, please call me and I can get it passed for you.

When you have finished registering, email me so I may schedule you for your first shop!

Email me at muribe@sinclair.org.

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