$15+Reimbursement Dinner Dine-In Restaurant Mystery Shop in Myrtle Beach, SC

Hi Shoppers,

We have a Dinner Dine-In Restaurant Mystery Shops!

Shopper Payment: $15
Dinner Reimbursement: $45
Shopping Date: WEDNESDAY, JULY 31

Dinner Details:
- You and your guest are required to have a drink and make observations at the bar before getting a table.

- You do NOT have to order alcohol!


- 1 appetizer
- 2 different entrees (per client - You MUST order two different entree's)
- 1 dessert
- 2 beverages of your choice

Please copy/paste www.conferoinc.com in your browser and then apply for the location you want.


2915 Hollywood Drive Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


Lisa | Scheduler
Confero Inc.

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