Observa has opportunities to make $20 per job, PLUS A BONUS all across North America! These simple gas station audits require you to take photos, speak with a cashier and answer a few questions.

Starting today, if you complete more than one gas station audit for Observa you will get a bonus!

Observations completed = Total Bonus

3 = $13.50
6 = $31.50
9 = $54.00
12 = $84.00
15 = $120.00
20 = $185.00
25 = $262.00
30 = $360.00
40 = $540.00
50 = $775.00
60 = $1,050.00
70 = $1,400.00
80 = $1840.00

The bonus program will end on September 2nd and will be THE LAST bonus for this campaign. All observations must be completed and verified by midnight on September 2nd. Please keep in mind that Truck Stop Surveys do not count towards your bonus total. Only Exxon campaigns will be counted.

An iPhone or Android smartphone is required. Learn more at:

Here are links to install the free Observa app:
Apple Store: []
Play Store: []

**If there are no opportunities near you, don't fret! We are continuously adding new jobs to the platform, and will notify you when these opportunities arise.

Thank you!

Observa Team

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