Get you PILB card for Nevada!!!! Required to shop in NV! Heres a deal of a lifetime!

If you are local to NV and want to be able to shop but don't want to put the money out ($85) for your PILB card (required by law to shop in NV), then today is your lucky day! We are expanding in NV and have a huge rollout of shops in the works. Hundreds of shops each month! In order to recruit new shoppers, we are willing to bonus your first three shops (must schedule them all at once) by $25 each, this will bring your total bonus to $75 which covers the most of your cost for the PILB card. You need to purchase the card ahead of time in order to qualify to shop. Please message me for more details so I can put your name down for our exclusive rollout program. Your PILB card is valid for 5 years and you can use it to mystery shop with any companies in NV. You don't have to be a resident to purchase it so if you travel to Vegas you are more than welcome to be a part of our offer. These shops are going to be HUGE. You don't want to miss them. Be ready and get your PILB card today as the cards take a couple of weeks to be processed. Also, please refer your friends and family who live in or visit the Vegas area. For every 3 people, you refer that sign up and accept a shop, you will be bonused $25 on your next shop. Please message me for additional details. Please sign up to be a scout at

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I am doing shops in th south UT area, Mesquite NV is the closest I would come. The last company I resounded to on this site was from CA and that became a bad problem. Are you a scam too?
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