Optometrist Shop in FL

Sentry is looking for a 21+ yr old Shopper to complete a shop at an Optometric Practice providing comprehensive eye exams through skilled eye doctors and diagnostic technology.

This is an assessment of one of their practices located at the assigned location, which will include an eye exam. The five areas of evaluation for your report are: appointment setting, front office, preliminary testing with the assistant, examination with the doctor, and a sales assessment.

You MUST take a clear photograph of the exterior of the office building when you arrive, before you enter. Please be sure the front of the building and any signage are visible in the photo of the exterior.

For the full guidelines, please log in at [admin.sentrymarketing.com]

This project pays $20 for the survey completion and reimburses for the cost of the eye exam.

For any questions regarding this project, please contact us at help@sentrymarketing.com for assistance.

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