Coffeehouse Shops in DC, DE, NH & PA

The Sentry Marketing Group is currently recruiting shoppers to complete a coffeehouse shop. There is a specific scenario and ordering requirements.

o Evaluate the facility, food, service, and cleanliness of the establishment in a report with Y/N and supporting narrative
o Ordering and observation scenarios vary (For this round it is any size beverage with any food item - both items must be purchased)
o In-store only - no drive-thru ordering
o Pre-visit phone call
o Complete study of guidelines and pass quiz to certify readiness

o Shop pays a $16.50 flat fee


New Shoppers:

To become a shopper go to [] and click "Become a Shopper” under the logo. Fill out your profile and narrative, and once you’re approved, you’re ready to start shopping!

Current Shoppers:

To view the available locations in your area go to [] and click on the "Open Opportunities" link on the left of the home page, below the Welcome comment. Adjust the search to find the shops you want and apply easily!


To apply for a shop, please go to [] - Open Opportunities

To certify for a shop, please go to [] - Certifications

Questions? Please email us at

About SMG:
o []

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