Dinner Audit, Premium Casual Restaurant - Columbia, SC

Data Quest has a last minute Integrity Dinner Audit at a hotel's premium casual restaurant located in Columbia, SC. The audit can be completed any night between 11/8 - 11/16, and needs to be started between 6PM - 8PM. You can complete the audit alone or with one adult guest. Cash must be used to pay for expenses. Audit pays a $25.00 flat fee plus reimbursement of meal expenses and parking at the hotel. The survey includes check off questions and a written narrative.

If already registered with Data Quest you can apply for the audit by logging into our site at the link below. Non registered shoppers can use the same link to create a profile in order to view and apply for the audit. If you experience any issues logging in you can contact Data Quest at Scheduling@DataQuestLTD.com.

Log In Link: [www.sassieshop.com]

Thank you!


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