Miami,Fl Bowling,Dining, Drinks, Arcade- Reimburse/Pay $55 Plus $5 Report Fee- 12/1-12/10

Enjoy an hour of bowling on us!
$5.00 Shopper FEE plus Reimbursement up to $55.00! As long as you spend $43.00 or more you will be reimbursed the full $55.00. If you spend under this amount, you will be reimbursed the exact amount.
The $55.00 reimbursement can be applied to the following:
1. Bowling - Shoppers must bowl at least 4 games or 1 hour. You can bring one or more guests.
2. Shoe Rental - at least one person must rent shoes.
3. Food & Beverage - order from the bar and snack bar.
4. Arcade games/pool – sample pool and or arcade.
A visit to the Bar is required and we prefer that an alcoholic beverage must be purchased (though shoppers can opt to order juice and/or soda if they prefer)
Any day after 1:00 PM
Apply at [] job board after registering as a shopper there
Thank you.
Michelle Whalen
Service Performance Group

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