$17.00 Valet and Self Parking Shop in Orlando, FL

Reality Based Group is Valet and Self Parking Parking shop on international drive hotels, 32819

The required time frame is any day after 3:00 PM.

For this shop you will be required to valet park your vehicle for 30 to 45 minutes before picking it up. You are required to upload a picture of your claims ticket and receipt into your survey. You must pay with cash.

AFTER picking up your vehicle at the valet area, proceed to the self parking area. You will be paying to park before you enter the lot. Once you enter the lot, you can drive on through to the exit, you do not need to stay. There will be questions on the form pertaining to the self parking so do not skip the self parking area!!!

You will need to get the names and descriptions (race, gender, height, hair color, age, glasses, facial hair) of the valet attendants and dispatcher. Do not ask for names. This is a red flag you are a shopper. If you see their name tag, get their name, otherwise, give their physical description.

PAYMENT is $17.00 plus $20.00 for Valet Charge, $13.00 for Self Parking Charge and $2.00 for valet tip.

If you, or anyone you know would be interested in this shop; please contact charhalos@realitybasedgroup.com or apply at www.rbgshoppers.com

Christina Harhalos
Scheduler- Reality Based Group

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