$5 Pay and Frozen Yogurt Purchase Reimbursed to $15 VA, MD, MO, DC

I am looking for folks in your area to help with monthly dessert shops for one of the top frozen yogurt franchises. You may dine alone (shopper must be 18 or older), or you may take a maximum of 1 guest (any age) with you. You will be paid $5 and up to $15 for your required dessert purchase. This shop requires that you discreetly take at least 2 to 3 quality photos that CLEARLY identify the subject of the photo for upload to your report. If you are not already registered with A Closer Look, please apply today at www.a-closer-look.com. Once you are accepted as a shopper, please contact me at Stacie.Hand@a-closer-look.com.

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