The check and food are on us! We will pay you $8 + up to an additional $15 for your meal!

Can I schedule you to enjoy some Japanese Food and let us pick up the check?
Let us pay you $8 to enjoy your meal and reimburse you up to $15 for your expense!

*Short Lunch Shops available from 11am-1:30pm
*Regular Shops available from 11am- 6:30pm

Must follow all shop guidelines as directed.
Locations Available:
*MD- Annapolis, Baltimore
*NC- Cary
*UT- Park City
*PA- Philadelphia
*ME- Portland
*VA- Reston, Falls Church
*SC- Head Island
*AL- Mobile
*FL- Tallahassee

Visit our website now and sign up for more details!
Victoria Garza
Cell (830)822-5011 (Call/Text)
Office (404)666-7760 Ext. 2006

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