Shoppers wanted for $25 Tobacco shop

ISC-CX is searching for evaluators for shops in GA and VA :

Richmond, Virginia 23221

Atlanta, Georgia 30320

Buford, Georgia 30519

To assist with a Tobacco sampling!

I have several to assign to each location! This check pays $25.00.

The steps to this simple shop would be:‬
‪Pick a scenario you would like from the list of choices‬
‪Perform shop
‪SAMPLE the tobacco product‬ (Mandatory)
‪Snap a picture‬
‪‬Submit report‬
‪GET PAID $19 for your completed shop.

NO purchase of the product required!

Perhaps you do not enjoy tobacco products, but do you know someone who does?
If so, send me an email me to ask about the $10 Referral Fee for simply referring a shopper that can!

For more info. Email me at

Register here by clicking the link below!


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