Free Meal at Chinese Gourmet Express! $12.50 Reimbursement

Craving Chinese food?

Grab a quick meal on us! Can order take out or dine in.
Check mall/food court hours before going out!

Expense Reimbursement: up to $12.50


Agents are to evaluate the customer service, food quality and cleanliness of the establishment. You may go alone or bring one guest. The restaurant is located within a Mall and/or Food Court. Time at restaurant is about 3-4 minutes at the most. You do not have to eat-in – you may order takeout. You will be required to take two pictures to verify your shop. You will take a picture of yourself in front of the location and a picture of the food item(s) you order.

Stockton CA
Brownsville TX
El Centro CA
Eureka CA
Eureka CA
Brownsville TX
Las Cruces NM
Las Cruces NM
Redding CA
Merced CA
Moreno Valley CA
Tracy CA
El Paso TX
Oklahoma OK
Monroe LA

To sign up as a shopper, follow this link: [], or send an email to with the location you are interested in and we can get you all set up!

Thanks Shoppers!
Gabby Cosgrove
MSI Scheduling Department

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