Ipsos is paying bonus for route shoppers - AR NC SC TN

Ipsos needs shoppers 21 to 35 years of age for compliance shops in AR, NC, SC, and TN.

Details: We need shoppers from 21 to 35 for tobacco and alcohol compliance shops. For this shop, we simply want to know if you were carded or not. Easy shop. Shopper payment is $10 to $14 plus the reimbursement for the purchase required. We are even willing to talk bonus money if you can do a route of these.

Shops are located in Presto Insta-Shops! Please make SURE you have downloaded the Presto Insta shopper app and sign up with them (totally free!) Then use the link below to add your photo ID, to prequalify for the shops. Once we see you are the correct age, we will email you. [insta.prestomobilesurveys.com]

My email Jennifer.barrick@ipsos.com for more details and or locations currently open.

Thank you,

Jennifer Barrick
Independent Scheduler

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