Price Collection Project - $125 - Salt Lake City, Austin, Columbus, Las Vegas, Nashville - plus other cities!

We are currently seeking auditors and backup auditors all over the United States for a pricing collection project.

This price collection project is in two parts, and an auditor can take one or both provided they are able to meet the deadline. The first part is a grocery item tab with 75 items with two brands each for a total of 150 prices. The second part is a household goods tab with approximately 75 items ranging from electronics, clothing, home needs, books, and some commodity items like diapers, tissue, and batteries.

The auditor will visit approximately 6 stores on each page, and if doing both pages, approximately 10 stores total. They must have a good working knowledge of Excel as this will be required for data submission. Reliable transportation would be an asset.

The project takes place between February 3 and February 9 and all auditors are expected to be completed by the 9th but to also check in daily to monitor their progress.

Pay for this project is on a per part basis. We offer $125 USD per page provided the project is completed on time.

All auditors will be fully briefed and provided with detailed guides to help them with this, along with dedicated support from our team.

Currently seeking auditors in the following cities:

Austin Texas

Columbus Ohio

Las Vegas Nevada

Nashville Tennessee

Salt Lake City Utah

Also seeking interested backup shoppers in all the following cities: Atlanta, Baltimore, Charlotte, Cleveland, Denver, Greenwich, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Kansas City, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Portland, Ridgewood, Seattle, St Louis, and Washington DC.


Visit our website at Click on the BECOME A SHOPPER button. There is no cost to offer your services.

For more information, you can email me at

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