$60 Phone inquiry assignments - AZ FL IL NY PA TX


We are looking for shoppers with varying credit scores. This shop consists of you walking in a cell store location below and acting like you want to switch carriers. Shops are in Presto, and they will be various carriers and credit lines. We are interested in their wanting to finance the options you might have. So, they will soft pull your credit, BUT you will not end up buying anything.

Pays $60 for this shop, BUT when you pick a shop make sure you do not currently have that service AND you are within the right credit limit. This is found on the shop and can be see before you accept the shop.

Shops are currently listed in Presto, which is an app on your phone OR you could access online.

*****Please NOTE: the locations below you will find the assigned cell phone carrier store near that zip, you don't have to shop that exact zip code

How to find the pins/shops in Presto

Log into www.prestomaps.com (If you don’t have this one your phone, you must download it in the app store. The app has a beaver image on it. Or you could accept ONLINE through Presto.)
At the top there should be search area for city and state. Type in the city and state initials closest to you, for example Phoenix AZ
Also filter by IPSOS ****if you are on your cell app, hit LIST, this helps to find them.
Shops will show the name of the store and give the credit, i.e. Metro 550-600
Guidelines are on the shop form. You must find the blue pin, and click on it and claim it for the shop to be yours. (Again, make sure you do not have that cell service AND your credit is within the required range.)
From the time you accept, you have 12 hours to SUBMIT before the shop falls off your reserved list.

Phoenix AZ 85007
Miami FL 33134
Orlando FL 32804
Orlando FL 32801
Chicago IL 60614
Chicago IL 60616
New York NY 10012
New York NY 10025
Philadelphia PA 19148
Philadelphia PA 19123
Dallas TX 75231
Dallas TX 75201
Houston TX 77034
Houston TX 77004
San Antonio TX 78207
San Antonio TX 78212

Thank you,

Jennifer Barrick
Independent Scheduler


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