$20 Car Wash Shops in Amarillo TX

Want a free car wash?! I have some $20 car wash shops available in Amarillo, TX.

Portray yourself as an average customer and complete a drive-thru car wash. No need to leave your vehicle!!! (You will be reimbursed up to $19.99 for the wash of your choice.) You must obtain a receipt for your purchase.

You must audio record the entire evaluation via a smartphone or app. You must be able to download the audio recording and upload it to your report.

After your car wash is complete, visit the Vacuums section and use any one of your choice.

After you’ve used the vacuums, the Car Wash is done. You can end your recording after about 10-15 seconds of leaving the venue.

You must be signed up as a shopper for BARE International to complete these shops. If you are not signed up as a shopper for BARE International, you can register at the following link: [www.bareinternational.com]

If interested and/or you have any questions please email me directly : KNieves@bareinternational.com

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 03/20/2020 07:48PM by KNieves.

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