$35.00 Project Fee price checks at an essential location!

Hello Independent Evaluators!

BARE International is scheduling covert price checks to be completed using an app on your Android or Apple Smartphone!

The assignment can be completed over several days, by the due date 5/10.

145987 - ACME
2007 NJ-35 Wall Township, NJ 07719

Special requirements<

Prices are submitted via the Missions app.
No data to enter after checking all the prices, just submit the assignments via the app!
No purchase required
No proof of shop required. Your location will be verified via the app.
The project fee for this evaluation is $35.00.
All items must be checked to receive the project fee for this evaluation.
We will be looking for independent evaluators/mystery shoppers to complete these monthly.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

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