Hello Shoppers,

Do you want to make an EASY $30 from the comfort of your home?


For this shop, you need to make an appointment with our client to come to your house or apartment to have an item removed that you "no longer want." It can be anything in any condition. Just pick a piece of furniture or something in your garage or yard. When the crew arrives, they will tell you how much it is to remove the item. You use our guidelines as to how to object to the price and cancel the removal. You get a printed quote from the crew, fill out the survey, and make some cash!

No presentations to sit through. You can catch up on your shows or household chores while waiting for the crew and then go right back to your day.

This is an important shop for the client because it allows them to find out how their employees handle objections to pricing and also their compliance with company protocol. The client designed this shop specifically to spot check this behavior and you play an important role in providing them with this information.

If interested, please reply with your postal code so I can check your eligibility. Previous shoppers are eligible if it has been at least six months since you last did this shop.

Shopper pay is $25, but if you do the shop by 5/23, I'll add a $5 bonus for a total of $30 shopper pay!

Please feel free to visit [] to read more details and certify for this assignment. If you are a Gigspot user, you will automatically be re-directed there upon signing in.

Not already an AboutFace shopper? Registering is EASY: []

Happy Shopping!
Philine Lehmann

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