Food Delivery Service Opportunities in Atlanta, Georgia - $25 + up to $90 reimbursement

Happy Tuesday,

Our client has Food Delivery Service Opportunities in Atlanta, Georgia


Client Disbursement $25
Client Reimbursement Disbursement, up to $90

The client would like you to order from 3 different food delivery services. The specific companies {delivery apps} they would like you to order from, will be listed in the location information, and viewable if you are officially assigned.

You can order from any restaurant {on the app}, the important thing is that you get all deliveries FROM the city/state listed on the evaluation.

The client would like you to evaluate; ease of ordering from the app, the timeliness of the delivery, the quality/accuracy of your order, and the experience with the delivery driver.

After ordering from all 3 delivery services, you will complete a brief 4 question follow-up survey regarding the experience and which service you liked the most/least. Once you have completed all 3 shops + the final thoughts survey, you will earn $25 {disbursement + incentive} and the client will also cover order costs up to $30 from each delivery service {$90 total}. This amount includes meal cost, plus tip and any applicable delivery costs.

This is not the only client in the area. All information for this, plus other opportunities is available when you are logged into the iSecretShop platform. If you log into the site and the opportunity is no longer there, it has been filled. 

Mystery Shopper Services | 888-300-8292
Our Official Site:

IF you have any questions please email me directly

Thank you

Nina Leyva
Operations Manager
Mystery Shopper Services
Direct Phone: 1-805-472-4390
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Monday through Thursday / 7:00am – 4:00pm (PST)
Fridays / 6:00am – 3:00pm (PST)

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