Today/Tomorrow $200 Route - Photo Survey in Dr. Offices

Hi Everyone!

Customer Impact is currently seeking new shoppers to help with a project that is available to be completed today 9/14 or tomorrow 9/15. Please let me know if a later day in the week works for you and I can inquire about it.

There will be no materials needed for this project other than your smartphone, along with an ID lanyard to wear. All you will need to do on-site is take photos of each wall in the waiting room and/or break room so we can determine the future placement of a TV on one of those walls. Then, connect to their Wi-Fi and conduct an internet speed test on your phone (via google or the Ookla app). A screenshot of the completed test with phone time visible will be required for upload into GoSpotCheck. All questions and photo tasks will be answered in the GoSpotCheck app, live, in-store.

*We understand the concern of the ongoing COVID-19. Please only apply if you are comfortable visiting the location(s). Customer Impact will be requiring you to confirm that you do not have symptoms of COVID-19, or an active case of COVID-19, and have not been in close contact with someone who has had an active case in the 14 days preceding your visit to the location(s). You will be required to bring some sort of face-covering as recommended by the CDC.

If you are interested in helping out with this project please take a look at the locations listed below and let me know what offices you can complete. Please keep in mind that many of these are located at one address and you’ll need to go to multiple Suites inside the hospital complex. You will be paid for each suite and each unique submission though. The Location Id #’s that have a “BR” on the end of it means that they will have a waiting room plus a Break room (lounge area). We will have a separate mission on the app for those as it will ask questions for that area. You are welcome to ask the person when you arrive or when you get done with the waiting room area if they direct you to the breakroom area for those that have one listed. They should take maybe roughly 10-20 minutes to complete them. For those that have a route planned out please make sure that you take into consideration traveling time into each day to make sure you have them complete on the date you confirmed with me for each location.

We will be paying $25 per location. You will need to let us know what day(s) you’re able to make your visit to the site(s). A total of $200 for all the locations listed below if you like to make a route for those locations.

Custom ID City State Zip Code

069BR Escanaba MI 49829
070BR Escanaba MI 49829
071BR Escanaba MI 49829
093 Escanaba MI 49829
085BR Escanaba MI 49829
092 Escanaba MI 49829
063BR Gladstone MI 49837
076BR Powers MI 49874

If you are available to help me with these shops or if you have any questions, please let me know

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Thanks, and have a great day!

Julie Sanchez | Assistant Project Manager
Customer Impact I 979-693-2260 Ext 6

Julie Sanchez | Assistant Project Manager

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