Great Opportunity For Seasoned Theater Checkers In COLORADO!!

movieMeasure is seeking reliable, responsible independent contractors to conduct Open Checks on the feature TENET at movie theaters in COLORADO SPRINGS, CO.

The assignment is for FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 or SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19

If you are a seasoned Trailer Checker and have never conducted an Open Check, training will be provided. However, you should note it is different from a regular trailer audit. You are required to be at the theater the ENTIRE DAY conducting a patron count for each showtime of the assigned feature (in this case TENET).

Interested in being assigned a theater(s) in your area? Go to our website at [] and join our field force team!! Remember to search by zip code to find a location near you. Contact us via email at if you have any questions (remember to include the City and State where you’d like to be assigned).

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