Price Audits Opportunities in Tempe AZ – $17 + up to 5.00 reimbursement

Our client has Price Audits Opportunities in Tempe, AZ


Client Disbursement $17
Client Reimbursement Disbursement, up to $5.00

Price Audit shops at assigned our clients location! These audits can be completed anytime during regular business hours, but must only be completed on the date assigned.

Match Options:
*Exact Items* must be same brand, description, and size.
*Similar Items* must be the same brand, different size OR different brand, same size AND **you must provide the brand, size and complete product description as we cannot assume any of the product details.
*Item Not Found* is only applicable when there is NOT an Exact or Similar Item found.
There are photos required of the outside of the store and the receipt as well as PHOTOS OF ITEMS and PRICES may be required if the price you enter is outside of the listed (acceptable) Min & Max price range.
This is not the only client in the area. All information for this, plus other opportunities is available when you are logged into the iSecretShop platform. If you log into the site and the opportunity is no longer there, it has been filled. 

Mystery Shopper Services | 888-300-8292
Our Official Site:

IF you have any questions please email me directly

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