$15 Gas Station Shops throughout LA & MS for Shoppers 21-35

Are you 21 to 35 years old and shop in LA or MS? Would you like to make $15 per shop (& reimbursement) plus get paid in just a few days? No, you are not seeing things! These really are quick and easy gas station shops. They are all throughout LA and MS on the Presto app or at [prestomobilesurveys.com] . We are checking to see if you are being carded when attempting to purchase an alcohol or tobacco product. Too many locations to list.

Routes are also available, just reach out to me and we can make arrangements.

Enjoy Your Day,
Dawn Fink
Ipsos Shopper Support Team
For even more shopping opportunities visit www.ishopforipsos.com.

Dawn Fink, Scheduler
Ipsos Shopper Support Team

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