$30+Reimbursement Outside Window Cleaning Mystery Shop in FL - 33957, 33924, 33931, 33908, 33967, 33919, 33907, 33966, 33916, 33901, 33913

Hi Shoppers,

We have an Outside Window Cleaning Mystery Shop!

We are seeking an evaluator who would be interested in having an estimate done for outside window cleaning on their home and then have their windows cleaned.

Shopper Payment: $30
Shopper Reimbursement: $150

- You will be required to call and make an appointment for an estimate.
- You will have the Franchise come out and look at your home and give you an estimate for window cleaning
- You don't have to be home when they come to give you the estimate, but if you are that would be great as you can get some additional information for the report.
- We need details if the Franchise turns you away and doesn’t do the estimate
- Upload the business card and any brochures left during the estimate
- Upload the estimate
- CONFIRM with Scheduler that dollar amount of estimate has been approved by client and then schedule your window cleaning
- Schedule your windows cleaning
- Take as many photos of the cleaners/van as you can without being spotted
- **** We MUST have pictures when the cleaning is done ****
- **** We MUST have proof of payment ***
- Upload your photos
- Upload your receipt
- Submit report

You must live in one of these zip codes:

Send Email to: lisa@compliancesolutionsworldwide.com
- PHOTO of your home (no apartments)
- Your address

If you are interested also please copy/paste [www.compliancesolutionsworldwide.com] in your browser and register to be in the database then request the shop you want.

Thank you,

Scheduling on Behalf of Compliance Solutions Worldwide

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