Shipping shops, throughout United States, Available now

Ipsos is now scheduling shipping shops throughout the United States. We have 1000's of these open.

1. $12 pay plus $14.00 reimbursement
2. You will send a boxed item weighing no less than 1 lb to someone within the United States. The recommended weight is between 1-2 lbs.

During your visit, you will need to send a package, evaluate how well staff is adhering to policies and procedures, and evaluate the level of service provided. You will also observe the cleanliness of the post office, time your visit and provide feedback on the stock levels and cleanliness of the self serve packaging area.

This is my email:

If you are a new shopper, please go here and signed up for Ipsos under Shopmetrics: []

How to find shops:

[] Log into Shopmetrics from this link.

• Click on HOME button at top after logging in
• Click on OPEN OPPORTUNITIES after you click on HOME button
• Middle of the page, put in your city, state, zip, search radius and hit UPDATE FILTER – you should see shops. Make sure you check the very bottom, sometimes there are more pages to click on of more shops.

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