Pretzel Store Mystery Shop in Indio, CA

Hello Shoppers,

These are simple and fun visits where the shopper will not reveal him or herself.

Location: 42250 Jackson Street (Located inside Chevron Extra Mile store) Indio, CA  92203

Apply: []

Days of shop: Any day of the week

Hours of shop: between 10am-6pm

Shopper’s Pay: $5

Shopper’s Reimbursement: $10



- One pretzel item of choice (Cinnamon Bitz, Original Bitz, Pizza Bitz, Dog Bites, Cheesy Dog Bites)

- Dip and lemonade (if suggested by cashier)


- Overall front counter

- Pretzel side of the counter (including frozen lemonade machine, warming unit, and fresh lemonade machine)

- Warming unit (what’s inside)


Apply: []

Thank you,

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