No Reveal Carpet Cleaning Mystery Shop in NH

Hello Shoppers,

This is for wall-to-wall carpet only (meaning no area rugs, tile or wood). One large room with carpet is ok.

Apply at: []

No reveal means you do not have to let the Franchise know that you are a shopper!

Shopper Reimbursement: Up to $225

Shopper Payment: $50

- This will be a NO REVEAL shop.

- Get the exact greeting on the phone and put it in the report

- Make notes of how the tech speaks to you, their level of professionalism, what tech is wearing, etc. 

Pictures - as many as you can 
- Of the Van (you can go outside and pretend to be on the phone texting while the technician is inside or you can get your mail)

- Technician's uniform (when he goes outside to get the equipment, you can take a photo through the window or if you can do it while he is inside and not see you)

- Equipment used in the home (while he is outside, you can take some of the equipment that is inside)

- Any solution products in van or in the home

If someone else is home, you can have them secretly take the photos while you are with the technician; please upload whatever photos you can

- Invoice - must upload a copy and mail the original

Zip Code: 03849, 03850, 03853, 03864, 03875, 03882, 03883, 03886, 03887, 03890, 03894, 03896, 03897, 03218, 03220, 03225, 03226, 03227, 03237, 03246, 03247, 03249, 03252, 03253, 03254, 03256, 03259, 03269, 03276, 03289, 03298, 03299, 03809, 03810, 03814, 03816, 03817, 03830, 03832, 03836, 03837

Apply at: []

Thank you!

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