Kitchenware Shop in Miramar Beach, FL


Calling all shoppers in or near Miramar Beach, FL!

I have a kitchenware shop that pays $30 plus $10 Bonus.

Shop Requirements:

You must call the location, to verify the hours.

* Requires a minimum purchase of $75.00 with an Optional Return.
* You may return the item as early as 1 hour after the shop is complete for a full refund. If you keep the item, it's at your own expense.
* You must interact with an associate about store merchandise.
* You must allow for a minimum of 15 minutes for this visit.

* Review Project Specifications and shop evaluation CAREFULLY BEFORE your visit. Project Specifications are subject to change monthly.

* All data and uploads must be submitted by midnight on the day you complete the shop!!

If you have any questions, please contact the scheduler.

Thank you,
June Hamilton

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