Albatross CX is still active and hiring evaluators!

For more than a decade, Albatross CX has been the first choice for brands looking to assess their store performance, improve their customer experience, and build advocacy among luxury consumers. We currently work with over 200 of the world's most prestigious brands in more than 60 countries, helping them keep pace with the changing luxury market and the ever-evolving tastes of affluent shoppers in every region.

We are looking for store performance evaluators across US & Canada to assess the in-store customer experience & make sure safety regulations are at their highest. We can offer in store visits (Masked up of course) and also virtual visits done by phone, email, video call, or chat, which can be performed from home. Online surveys for these evaluations will then need to be filled in after and sent to us.

If you are interested and would like to sign up with us, please follow the link below. Once you have registered online, please contact me so I can help you get started.


If you have any additional questions or would like to find out more details you are more than welcome to contact me at

Jordan Galindo
Operations Executive at Albatross CX - North America/Latin America

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