Las Vegas - $15 Fee - $80 reimbursement - Full-Service Mystery Shop - Dinner + Drinks

i-SPY hospitality is looking for mystery shoppers in Las Vegas a dinner assignments: includes a drink at the bar and dinner for two (sandwiches, one round of drinks).

i-SPY hospitality is a boutique quality assurance mystery shopping company based out of Philadelphia focusing on a handful of markets and niches. We have NEVER worked with Krispy Kreme (this franchise is listed in "discussions" about i-SPY on this website) and we are NOT or Core nor ever have been.

Please fill out an application:

* reimbursement for a meal for two ($80 - $90)
* $15 fee

Following this assignment:
* The report should take ∾ 1/1.5 hours
* Completed assignments are due by 7 pm the next day after dinner, 12 pm lunch/brunch. Assignments include follow up edits.
* COMPLETED assignments are reimbursed within 7 DAYS.

marc kravitz
i-SPY hospitality audit services, L.L.C.
enhancing and creating more positive customer experiences + maximizing potential sales opportunities

c. 215.779.0529 | e.

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