Convenience Store & Bakery - Santee SC - Gas Incentive Included

Our client is seeking reliable evaluators to review a retail store located at a gas station. This location is popular due to its in-house bakery and fudge candy! There are two opportunities available, each with a different time of day to visit. The visits require interaction with the store employee and a purchase. The location address is listed below.

Previous applicants are encouraged to reapply

Evaluator Fee and Disbursement:
Please state your fee for this opportunity. Past successful fees range from $5-$15 USD. Place your requested fee in the notes/comment field when applying. PLUS reimbursement up to $20 for your required purchase.


$20 for gas (must mention this posting for Coyle Evaluators only)

Smith's Exxon Store
9039 Old Number Six Hwy
Santee, SC 29142

Please apply directly via your evaluator opportunities board by clicking this link. Evaluator Login: []

The best way to search for opportunities is as follows:

~ Click on the Open Opportunities header from the top left side of your page.
~ When the new search filter opens remove your zip-code and miles.
~ Enter the state abbreviation of the location you are searching for, (or your own state) in the box
~ The whole line should be blank, except for the state
~ Click update filter
~ All the open opportunities in that selected state will appear

Thank you, the Coyle Scheduling Support Team.

Sheralee Ronan
Scheduling Coordinator
Coyle Hospitality Group

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