Take Out Visit - Peri Peri Chicken Restaurant - Washington DC | Oxon Hill MD

This is a South African restaurant chain that specializes in Portuguese-African food, including its signature flame-grilled peri-peri style chicken. This is a Take-Out evaluation. The evaluator will place their order at the counter. When the order is ready for pick-up, the evaluator will follow the location protocols for pick-up and leave.

Super Easy and Quick Report.

Evaluator Fee and Disbursement:

$5 Evaluator Fee PLUS up to $30 reimbursement for your meal.


DC 20001 Washington 819 7th ST NW
MD 20745 Oxon Hill 191 American Way

If you are available to complete an opportunity, please make your request online for consideration.

Evaluator Registration and Login: [coyle.shopmetrics.com]

The best way to search for opportunities is as follows:

~ Click on the Open Opportunities header from the top left side of your page.
~ When the new search filter opens remove your zip-code and miles.
~ Enter the two-letter state abbreviation of the location you are searching for, (or your own state) in the box eg ON
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Thank you, the Coyle Scheduling Support Team.

Sheralee Ronan
Scheduling Coordinator
Coyle Hospitality Group

Email | scheduler@coylehospitality.com

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