$20 Tables and Chairs Audit in Los Angeles

Thank you so much for taking the time to view this post.
We are looking for a shopper to do an Onsite price audit for tables and chairs.
The client requires you to visit the retailer listed in the shop and gather pricing and other information for a list of tables and chairs. Though you will NOT be making a purchase for this shop, you are required to obtain the price, brand, and note if the item is a regular, sale, or promotional price. The client also requires to list the following: material, whether the item folds in half or not, and if it is a single item or multi-pack. A pricing guide sheet is included to help you keep track of prices.
You will need a Sam's Club card to get in.
We are trying to get this scheduled for our client by 4-8.
Thank you.
You can register at www.mysteryshopperservices.com

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