Rocklin CA | Sacramento CA | Vacaville CA : Gastropub and Brewery - Any Choice of Meal Period - Bonus Incentive

A Coyle client is seeking reliable evaluators to review their restaurant service and operations. This is a restaurant visit for two adults. The restaurant is a brewery and gastropub with a strong focus on craft beer. The evaluator will be noting customer engagement, adherence to COVID protocols, service times, and food quality. Opportunities are available any day, and any meal period of choice. The location address(s) are listed below.

Meal Period:
Opening (11AM – 12PM arrival)
Lunch (12PM – 3PM arrival)
Dinner (6PM – 9PM arrival)
Happy Hour (3PM – 6PM arrival)
Late Night (12AM arrival)

Evaluator Fee and Disbursement:
Please bid on your fee bid for this opportunity. Past successful bids range from $10-$15 USD. Place your bid in the notes/comment field when applying. PLUS reimbursement up to $75 for your meal.

PLUS $10 Bonus Incentive if you mention this posting in your application

CA 95765 Rocklin 6815 Lonetree Blvd. University of Beer - Rocklin
CA 95814 Sacramento 1510 16th St. University of Beer - Sacramento
CA 95867 Vacaville 196 Nut Tree Blvd. University of Beer - Vacaville

If you are available to complete an opportunity, please make your request online for consideration.
Evaluator Registration and Login: []
The best way to search for opportunities is as follows:

~ Click on the Open Opportunities header from the top left side of your page.
~ When the new search filter opens remove your zip-code and miles.
~ Enter the state abbreviation of the location you are searching for, (or your own state) in the box
~ The whole line should be blank, except for the state
~ Click update filter
~ All the open opportunities in that selected state will appear

Thank you, the Coyle Scheduling Support Team.


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