Hi Shoppers!
Please read this in it’s entirety.
If you qualify as stated below- email Michelle @michelle@spgweb.co
Put in the header Battery Project/Where you bought it- Ex- Battery Project/Walmart
In the email tell me where you bought your battery and how long ago and confirm it is still under warranty.
Shortly we will beginning a small mystery shopping project of sorts that involves how car battery warranties are being serviced. What our client wants to know is, if you have a new car purchased from (for instance) FORD, or if you purchased a replacement battery from a store such as AUTO ZONE or WALMART if you were to go to the store/dealership and tell them that your battery seemed to be acting up and you have had to have it jumped several times in the past month and you want a replacement per the terms of your warranty, how do they actually handle your claim. Are they strictly “By - the - book” in terms of the warranty or do they cut you some slack?
The questions we are looking to have answered are:
Do they take your word for it – or do they test the battery?
Do they give you a free replacement – per the terms of your warranty – or let you purchase a new battery at discount (pro-rating the life of the battery)
Do they install it for free?

Shop Qualifications:
Any Shopper who has an auto with a battery that is between say 2-5 years old and still has some warranty left – (for instance – you purchased your battery at Walmart 2 years ago, and the battery has a 3 year warranty)
The battery must be from the following dealerships or stores:
Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, Toyota, Firestone, Advanced Auto Parts, Auto Zone, O’Reilly’s Walmart/Sams Club.
If you qualify except for the fact that you purchased the battery from someone else who is a NATIONWIDE company – like say Costco or Pepboys etc. we might still be able to use you.
In most cases you don’t need a written receipt for your battery – often the info will be on your battery or your purchase will be in the system of the company you purchased it from. You can also sometimes find warranty info on the internet with a google search.
Shop fee is $50.00 and If you do get any type of replacement battery that costs you anything out of pocket, these expenses will be reimbursed. FYI – if you are offered any kind of replacement – we would want you to take them up on their offer.

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