Gas station evaluations available in following states AR IA IL IN KS KY MI MN MO ND NE OH OK SD TN WI

The objective of this shop is to evaluate your experience as a consumer who visits a convenience store.

Your goal for this shop is evaluating the store for overall cleanliness, feedback on customer service, we do ask you to make a small purchase inside the store so you can give feedback on the customer service received and 5 photos are required.

Pay is $10.00 and upto $5.00 reimbursement on a small instore purchase.

In order to schedule you for this shop, you will need to register in our system.

It is absolutely, 100% free to register with us, and our shoppers have access to many other assignment opportunities.

You can do this by visiting

At the top of the page, just under the top black bar, there is a link that says "New Mystery Shopper Sign-Up."
Click the link and follow the directions to sign up. There is a quiz called the "New Shopper Challenge" that tests how well you follow instructions. If you fail this once, please call me and I can get it passed for you.
It's going to log you on to the Shoppers Corner homepage, if required please answer the demographic questions.
Go to the 3rd tab on the top that says Available shops > Online scheduling there you will see a list of available shops in your area. Please click on - I'm Interested. This will be the instructions for the shop, follow the steps required and please read over them and then confirm that you have read them.

If you have any questions please email me at

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